Old African Saying,

"When an old person dies, a library burns."

The concept of this business is to preserve family stories.  Our stories not only identify us but are our family treasures.

Some of our best memories might be that disastrous family vacation that has now become humorous.  Or how your parents met.  Or when you first left home. 

These are your stories.  Let me preserve them for your family.

"A few years ago, I invited friends to come and share their stories with me while I was having a lengthy medical treatment.  I so enjoyed hearing their stories.  It was suggested that I write these stories down.   That experience grew into this new service, "Tell Me Your Story." 

I'm very excited about this new adventure and am eager to hear your stories and be of service to your family."



Greetings! I am J.J. Campbell, storyteller

This service extends to businesses as well.

Every business has it's own story,

the who, what, when, where and why.

Whenever you want the story of your business presented, 

call "Tell Me Your Story."

Whenever you want to feature a valued employee, 

call "Tell Me Your Story."

Whenever you need a press release or an article for the paper,

call "Tell Me Your Story."







Retired Lt. Col. Shep J.  "She captured a lot."

Retired Detective Gary B.  "She did a good job."

ER Nurse Patricia J. "I loved it."

Ann B.  "The story is making it's way through the family."




Preserve your family stories. 

They are your family's treasures.  Are there stories that you would like your grandchildren to remember about you?

Set an appointment for a phone interview for you or your parents, before these stories are lost forever.

After an hour interview, via phone, I will record your family stories.

You will receive an email attachment which you can send to as many relatives and friends as you like.  And you will receive two physical copies snail mailed to your address. 


Don't miss this opportunity before memories fade and these stories are lost.

These stories are your family's priceless treasures.


For fee information and samples of my work,

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